Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Approach of UI Design

The following provides an overview of the process I follow when designing user experience for mobile apps, iPad Applications and Desktop applications or websites.

Requirements Gathering

Understanding user requirement and the information helps us to establishing the high level objectives for an app or product.

Brainstorming and creating Persona

After discussing with client and stakeholders I used to create some personas and aligned them with our phasing strategy we were able to prioritize who we would be focusing on supporting in the early stages. These personas are very useful throughout the project to guide design decisions, priorities, and create empathy among the client & team.


Developing the design for the UI screens/pages supporting the defined user-system interactions using Paper prototypes, drawing, and diagramming tools. Producing annotated screen wire-frames, screen renderings, and UX storyboards for review and approval by project stakeholders.

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